Our New Ordering Process

To ensure increased security for our customers, we have teamed up with PayPal to provide the most secure and seamless ordering and processing. This insures that your secure information can not be shared or copied. We do not monitor, record or store ANY of your secure info. All orders are processed within the secure pages of PayPal.

When you select to add an item to the cart, you will be passed to a "Shopping Cart" item listing which lists the items you selected. 

Your "Shopping Cart List" will look something like this...


Shopping Cart

Qty Remove Item Options Price
"Wanna Play" Wine Glass (pair)   #glass4.php
$55.00 USD
Shipping, handling, and tax may be added upon checkout. Amount $55.00 USD

Here you can select multiples of that item if desired, just click on "Update Cart" to update the listing.

Then you can resume shopping or you can select  "Secure Checkout" and the next screen will look like this...

Checkout Secure Transaction alt

PayPal is the secure payment processor for your seller, Cat Alley. To continue, please enter the required information below. Learn more about PayPal.

alt alt alt
alt Cat Alley 
alt Shopping Cart View Contents
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alt $55.00 USD
alt $14.45 USD
alt $69.45 USD

If you do not currently have a PayPal account  

PayPal Login

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If you already have a PayPal account, enter your log-in details below

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You can now use your PayPal account or you can use your regular credit card by selecting "If you do not currently have a PayPal account... Click Here." (shown above)

If you have ANY questions or problems, please let us know, and remember we also accept orders over the phone at (858) 232-9706.

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