Karen's Kreations

Translucent Fobs, pick your breed and color!!!

Abyssinian, American Bobtail, American Curl, American Shorthair, American Wirehair, Balinese, Birman, Bombay, British Shorthair, Burmese, Chartreux, Colorpoint Shorthair, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex Egyptian Mau, European Burmese, Exotic Havana Brown, Japanese Bobtail, Javanese, Korat LaPerm, Maine Coon, Manx, Norwegian Forest Cat, Ocicat, Oriental, Persian & Himalayan, RagaMuffin, Ragdoll, Russian Blue, Scottish Fold, Selkirk Rex, Siamese, Siberian, Singapura, Somali, Sphynx, Tonkinese, Turkish Angora, Turkish Van

Solids - Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red, Cream, Cinnamon, White
Tabby Markings - Ticked, Mackerel, Spotted, Classic

Also available in your favorite dog breeds/colors!

After you confirm your order, it will ask you for comments. Please enter your breed and color request there and don't forget to let us know what eye color!

Also see Karen's translucent cat earrings under "CAT JEWELRY".

Also see Karen's translucent dog earrings under "DOG JEWELRY".


Bookmarks - $9
(multiple discounts)

Key Ring - $9
(multiple discounts)

Handcrafted specialty cat wine charms -
4 / $17 or 6 / $23



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We carry custom cat, dog, and animal jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, pins and earrings, plus cat gifts, doormats, ceramics, art, sculptures, clocks, figurines, pet supplies, garden ornaments and chimes, wine charms, animal themed housewares and decor, kitchen implements, bookmarks, apparel, t-shirts, food bowls, pet toys, catnip, collars and much more!


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