Image shown is single chime. Click below to see examples of double and triple chimes:

Double (bear)

Triple (quail)

Kitten Chime
Single, Double, or Triple

Handmade stoneware chime comes with one, two or three kittens strung on a vinyl coated wire. Fired to high temperatures, it is guaranteed to withstand all weather conditions. These hangings, designed by Hazel Olsen, come in natural clay with the stripes glazed in forest green, iron blue, brown, and gold. The top of the bell has a sculpted leaf, and is glazed to match the color of the cat in the blue and green. The brown and gold cats have a natural leaf bell with no glaze on the bell. They all have a natural clay leaf shaped wind catcher. Each chime comes with its own artist's card.

Chime length is 38", cat is 5" x 4".

Single: $99

Double: $129

Triple: $154



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