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Ask the online vet
Solving pet health questions  Got a pet health question?  Ask the online vet and solve it now.

The Resource Site for Cat and Cat Owners
Indulge Your Pet - Get the information you want and need to care for your cat. Breed information, pet community, articles and more!

Pet Finder
Find a pet near you, just READY for adoption. Spread the word about Petfinder.com to every highway and byway. Needy animals everywhere will thank you!

Free E-cards, Animal Welfare and Humanitarian related info at www.care2.com

Kitty Cottage Adoption Center
Kitty Cottage provides a cozy, cottage setting as a cage-free adoption center for homeless cats.

Forever Home Feline Ranch
We are an organization chartered in Illinois, to provide a forever home for cats in need and to eliminate euthanasia as a remedy for overpopulation,  change in life circumstances of pet owners, or any other reason for the need to give up ownership.

Holistic Veterinarian
Learn how to safely and naturally treat pet diseases and syndromes through holistic veterinarian practices including homeopathic and naturopathic remedies and cures.


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