Animal Treasures

Carry a piece of art with unique designs created using original art prints, maruyama mesh, handmade and specialty papers, and other embellishments, encased in a sturdy vinyl cover.


Debit Card Wallet - $14.50

Checkbook Cover - $13 / $14.50

Address Book - $18

Vehicle Insurance Wallet - $13

Passport Holder - $12

Password Book - $15.50

Travel Document Wallet - $13

Pet Record Keeper - $13



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We carry custom cat, dog, and animal jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, pins and earrings, plus cat gifts, doormats, ceramics, art, sculptures, clocks, figurines, pet supplies, garden ornaments and chimes, wine charms, animal themed housewares and decor, kitchen implements, bookmarks, apparel, t-shirts, food bowls, pet toys, catnip, collars and much more!


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